Horizon Wallpaper Collection

Horizon Wallpaper Collection

Vallila's new wallpaper collection "Horizon" (Horisontti in Finnish) consist of 11 designs inspired by Vallila's AW15 textile collection. The wallpapers create a special ambience in any room: of far-away things, of forest whispers, of the rush of the wind, and of the hum of your imagination. The collection takes interior design to a new dimension by bringing timelesness, trends or unpredictability to any room, depending on the pattern you choose.

The designs can be divided into four groups: Peipponen, Toivo and Carambola depict animals and birds. Magnolia, Persikka, Cinnamon, Haltiatar and Vanha suola bring the splendor of flowers to any space. Trollskogen and Luontopolku immerse you within the nature while Bergen brings you back home to a cosy town landscape.

The color scheme draws upon the horizon – from the hues of earth, water and air: mild grey, watery blue, strong turquoise, green, shades of white, and deep reds like the last glimpse of a sunset. The colors suit all homes with their timeless elegance.

  1. £30.00 and above (22)
  1. Beige (2)
  2. Blue (6)
  3. Green (2)
  4. Grey (4)
  5. Orange (1)
  6. Pink (1)
  7. Red (3)
  8. White (3)
  1. 53x1120 (22)
  1. Matleena Issakainen (4)
  2. Meri Mort/Vallila Design Studio (2)
  3. Riina Kuikka (3)
  4. Saara Kurkela (4)
  5. Tanja Orsjoki (9)
  1. AW15: Horizon (22)


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