Vanha Suola bed set


The floral pattern on Vanha suola bed set is designed by Tanja Orsjoki. This pattern is splashy, and it consists of large and bountiful peonies – some in full bloom, some still in a tight bud. The variation between a painting-like drawing style and a precise lead pencil drawing brings interest to this pattern. The coloring of the flowers also changes from colorful to monochrome. The Vanha Suola bed set glows with summer, and looks great in various kinds of interiors. 

This bed set is made of luxurious 100 % satin cotton. A double duvet cover is 240 cm wide and 210 cm long. Two pillow cases are included in the bed set. The size of a pillow case is 55 x 65 cm.

  • Collection: SS15: Barricades of Joy
  • Designer: Tanja Orsjoki
  • Size: 240x210
  • Material: CO -Cotton 100%
  • Code: CT000661
  • EAN Code: