Magnolia wallpaper aqua


Magnolia wallpaper is part of Vallila's new wallpaper collection "Horizon". The new wallpapers create a special ambience in any room: of far-away things, of forest whispers, of the rush of the wind, and of the hum of your imagination. The collection's color scheme draws upon the horizon – from the hues of earth, water and air. The colors suit all homes with their timeless elegance. 

The wallpaper material is user-friendly fibre wallpaper. It is easy to attach by applying glue directly on the surface to be covered with the wallpaper, and by placing the dry wallpaper on top of it. Fibre wallpaper does not require any preparation before its attachment; and after it has been attached, it can still be moved, straightened and positioned correctly for several minutes before it dries in its place. Fibre wallpaper is a mixture of cellulose and polyester fibre, and is also suitable for the kitchen, for example, as it can handle dents better than paper wallpaper, and it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The collection has been made in Finland from start to finish.

Pattern match: Half drop
Vertical pattern repeat: 64 cm

  • Collection: AW15: Horizon
  • Designer: Tanja Orsjoki
  • Size: 53x1120
  • Code: CT001348
  • EAN Code: 6417271518211