Hehku coated tablecloth


The pattern on the Hehku coated tablecloth is created together by Lauri Tähkä, a popular Finnish music artist, and Vallila’s design team. The design was born the same way as Lauri’s songs: dreaming, singing, drawing. At the same time as the Hehku design was being created, Lauri also was finalizing his latest album, “Hurmaan”, which includes many mega hits. The Hehku coated tablecloth is inspired by the song “Orjanruusu” which talks about how all hearts have a different, but as important, story. 

Vallila’s acrylic coated tablecloth is a 140 cm wide and 240 cm long piece of fabric with unfinished hems. Use it as a tablecloth or adjust it to a preferred size by cutting the sides. No need to stich the hems. The large piece of fabric also works well for all sorts of sewing. Vallila’s coated tablecloths are available in many prints and colors. The material is 100 % cotton with acrylic coating.

  • Collection: SS16: Distances
  • Designer: Lauri Tähkä Heartdesign
  • Size: 140x250
  • Material: CO -Cotton 100% / PC -Acryl
  • Code: CT000601
  • EAN Code: