Bulevardi cushion cover 60x80 cm


The Bulevardi cushion cover features one of  Vallila's best-selling city designs by Tanja Orsjoki. It's an urban city view straight from the heart of Helsinki and it brings an iconic city image with a soft touch.

On a sofa, bed or even on the floor, Vallila’s 60 x 80 cm decorative cushion covers add flavour to your décor! Made of Vallila’s basic quality fabric (83% cotton, 17% polyester), the cushion covers feature vibrant Vallila prints. Vallila’s online store also offers matching cushion inserts.

Please note that the design on each cushion cover may vary due to pattern repeat. Every cushion cover is unique.

  • Collection: AW15: Summit
  • Designer: Tanja Orsjoki
  • Size: 60x80
  • Material: CO -Cotton 83% / PE -Polyester 17%
  • Code: VS110553
  • EAN Code: